Centennial History Collection Project

What to Donate


The “Don’t Throw It Away” history collection project has at its core, the history of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and will extend through its storytelling, to include significant milestones of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, Jim Crow, Civil Rights Movement, Title IX, Black Greek events and other turning points in our nation’s history. We also want to collect modern day achievements and Sorority activism that has positioned us on a national stage.

Please note, we are not rewriting or updating the official history of the Sorority, nor are we able to capture all the significant accomplishments that have transpired over the years. You can be confident that all items approved for donation will become part of the Sorority’s archives.

Items can be contributed in one way, donated. We will not purchase or accept any items on loan. You must personally own the item or a deceased member of your family owned the item and or someone has given you written permission to donate said item. Items donated become the property of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.

Collection items must to part of the purpose, activities, and policies of Sigma Gamma Rho. In the case of paraphernalia, it should be one-of-kind or represent a significant time in the Sorority’s history. Routine items that are in abundance and currently used will not be considered. There are always exceptions.

Below is a list of the types of items we will consider. Please note that other items not on the list can also be considered:

  • announcements
  • summary membership documents
  • annual reports
  • minutes of meetings
  • articles of incorporation
  • organizational charts
  • artifacts and souvenirs
  • summary personnel documents
  • boule bags
  • photographs
  • brochures
  • planning documents
  • bylaws
  • policy and procedure manuals
  • calendars and timelines
  • position papers
  • charters
  • posters
  • constitutions
  • press releases
  • correspondence (especially project files issue-related or decision-making)
  • property documents
  • directives
  • publications
  • summary financial statements
  • publicity fliers
  • reports
  • goals and objectives
  • scrapbooks
  • handbooks
  • slides
  • histories
  • special event invitations and leaflets announcements
  • ledgers
  • speeches
  • legal documents
  • testimony
  • manuals
  • videotapes

This is really important to note: each potential donation is reviewed by the Collections Committee and consultant to evaluate its usefulness for the Centennial projects and/or permanent archive collection.  Due to the volume of inquires we receive, we cannot accept donated materials through the mail without prior communication. If you have items that you believe will enhance the collection, please take a photo of the item and send it and a completed item consideration form to: (who will handle).

If the Collections Committee determines that an item is appropriate for the collection, the donor completes a Deed of Gift form, transferring legal ownership of the item to Sigma Gamma Rho. The donor will receive a copy of the Deed of Gift form by email or mail. Donations may or may not be tax deductible. IRS regulations and policies prohibit the Sorority from appraising items.  Donors who wish to receive a tax deduction for their donation should consult a tax professional and a qualified appraiser prior to completing the Deed of Gift.

We cannot guarantee that any donated item will be used in the documentary, exhibited or used in other Centennial projects. Regardless of whether or not an item is used, it becomes a valuable piece of Sigma Gamma Rho history and as part of the collection will be preserved to allow future generations to learn about our history.

Items donated to Sigma Gamma Rho will not be returned.

Please review the Deciding What to Keep flow chart that follows to guide your selection of items to send for consideration. Please use this as a guide only. Again, there are always exceptions.